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Hello, and Welcome To St. Lawrence-St. Philip Church



                                         Our Condolences to the family of Helen Connors,
                                       who passed away on April 10th.
                                    We ask that God give them comfort
                                    and strength in the days ahead,
                                      and may Helen rest in eternal peace.



St. Lawrence Ladies of the Rosary 
will be selling Broccoli Cheddar Soup
in the Parish Center
following the 5:00 Mass
and in the front vestibule of the Church
following the 10:00 am Mass.
Soup is priced at $10 a pint. 


~Family Perspective~

Today’s gospel is a job description for Christian parents.
For most people the most influential shepherd in their lives is a parent.
Every parent is called to be a “good shepherd”
to “freely lay down their life” for their children,
to “love” and “know” their children
and to “lead” them so “they know your voice.”


~Marriage Moments~

Earth Day is April 22. This year April 22 is also the first day of Passover.
In marriage often one partner knows more about a topic than the other.
Perhaps each of you could google one of these and update the other.
Learn from each other.


~Parenting Pointers~

April 22 is Earth Day. (
Take stock of what your family already recycles (paper, plastic, cans…)
Good! Can you add one more thing to recycle?
Better yet, commit to avoid buying something
that needs recycling, especially plastic.


We are St. Lawrence-St. Philip Church!

St. Lawrence the Martyr Parish is a wonderful welcoming Family of Faith located in Albion, Pennsylvania. Along with
St. Philip Church our mission church in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, we are a great community with two wonderful places to worship. As the People of God, we rejoice in doing our very best to live and love like Christ! We are committed to loving God, loving others, and making disciples. Founders, long-time parishioners, newcomers, and those visiting the area are all welcome. May the Lord’s every blessing be yours today and always!

St. Lawrence Parish Schedule

Weekday Mass
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday - 8:00am
Thursday & Friday - Noon

Weekend Mass

Saturday - 5:00pm

Sunday - 10:00am

First Fridays
Adoration from 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Mass at 5:15pm

Holy Days
As Announced

Saturday - 4:15pm - 4:45pm 

Holy Hour
Tuesday - 6:00pm

St. Philip Mission Schedule

Weekend Mass
Sunday - 8:00am

Sunday - 7:30am 

Holy Days
As Announced

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